1GAM - Day 3

So after about a day of semi-productive work, I have a something implemented of my new game idea. Things I managed to add in this timespan are:

If you want to try it out, binaries can be found on the project page. The source is over at GitHub. Controls for now are arrow keys and X to shoot.


This one has been much quicker to get up to speed due to having the framework from the previous game already in place, though I had to chase a particularly annoying bug in my SpriteBuffer class that didn’t manifest earlier which took me the greater part of yesterday. Frustrating.

I hope to be able to keep making progress at this rate, even though I know it won’t last, specially with my university classes starting back again next week.

Update: People had trouble running it, so I decreased the required OpenGL version to 3.0. This should increase compatibility a bit, specially when I later compile it for other platforms. Download it on the link above.