1GAM - Day N+1

So I’ve been working on my 1GAM January game since the last week of 2012. The original plan was to create some kind of physics arcade game: gems would rain down and bouncing them off the paddle and against each other would net you points.

Eventually, after several days of developing framework code, learning that rolling your own physics is harder than I thought at first, relaxing by drawing some stuff and doing gamedev-y things, I arrived at a semi-playable version of my idea:

Pong Prototype

And after playing with it for a while… decided to abandon it. I thought about it for a while, but in the end decided that the gameplay seemed too random due to being so physics based, and I didn’t have any good ideas to tame it either.

Considering my first attempt a failure, I turned to an older idea of mine: a space exploration, combat and trading game. The grand idea is a mixture of dog fighting with RPG elements, enabling upgrading of your spaceship and trading of goods. Given the constraints imposed (with good reason!) by the 1GAM challenge I will obviously not be able to execute the whole idea, so I will focus on the combat aspects for now. Hopefully by the end of the month (or a bit later) I should have a decent “space brawler”, if you will.